Fearless Freedom— Becoming SoulFire

In order to fully know freedom you must fully know darkness. Fearless Freedom is a book about inspired transformation of a girl named SoulFire who has vulnerably shared her story to help heal others and the world.

Read it and ignite the fire in your soul.

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Introduction to Fearless Freedom


When I first signed the contract with the publishing company in January 2015, I inquired how long it usually takes someone to get a manuscript to them. “Do people take a year?” I asked jokingly. “That’s crazy, not me, “ I said. “I will get it to you in a month. It’s already written, I just need to organize it.”

My initial idea was to gather the blogs I had already written over the last eight years and compile them into a book. As I started arranging them, the thought entered my mind that I should include more of my personal story. I began writing, still with the intention of keeping it as a short story/blog with more emphasis on yoga and meditation.

However, God and the Universe had different plans.

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Not only is Fearless Freedom about SoulFire’s journey of transformation but within the leaves of this memoir contains the tools, insight, wisdom and knowledge on how to transform your life. ​

“May the beauty of all that you are be reflected back upon you
and may you emanate it out into the world for all to bask in.”
~ SoulFire

Praise for Fearless Freedom

Check out book reviews from Fearless Fans:

"I am both proud of you and inspired by you"

What you have done/are doing is not only extraordinary, it’s courageous…
You have been through sooo much and you are teaching others that in the face of adversity and pain—transformation is not only possible but it’s necessary…

I am both proud of you and inspired by you…

And now you will continue to see the light in every situation and by helping others do you same you and others like you will heal the world…

With love and admiration,

Kevin Saverio Potente, Buddhist Teacher, Director Kadampa Meditation Center-Long Island

"Couldn’t put it down!"

As women we are faced with a world of challenges everyday of our lives. How we overcome and live through them takes us on so many different paths. This story was an  incredible journey and I personally was unable to put it down the moment I began reading it. At times it brought me to tears and other times smiles of joy. SoulFire’s story is an inspiration to say the very least, to see where she is now from where she came from and all the roads in between.

I am grateful to SoulFire for sharing her journey and giving us the opportunity to look deeper into ourselves and perhaps borrowing her strength to overcome some of our own obstacles. I look forward to Books 2 and 3.

— Elysa K.

"Awaken your own warrior spirit"

SoulFire’s story is one of incredible transformation and perseverance. Her story will awaken your own warrior spirit and give you the courage to step out of your fears and into your freedom. Her story is bold and fearless and her gift of love, vulnerability, and transformation will inspire all who read her book.

Tom Chambers, Life Coach, Healer and Spiritual Counselor

Your book is opening up so much emotion for me! From tears to laughter, shock and awe. Feeling your pain and strength and frustrations. I can’t put it down!  Thank you for sharing your story! You are an incredible soul!

Betsy Winehouse

You are truly an inspiration and the archetype of an alchemist. You have created your life and recreated it often with very little resources to this spectacular fire in your soul. I have loved watching you rise like a Phoenix from the ashes. Congratulations!

Jeannette Chambers

I just have to tell you how much I love your book. It is so easy to read so insightful so inspiring. I can’t say enough about it bless you for writing it!!! I’m almost halfway through and I’m already looking forward to having another one of your books on my shelf.❤️
Hope to connect again soon.
Love and Light.


I genuinely love this book for many reasons. I was moved by SoulFire’s journey and amazed at her determination and tenacity. It was easy to relate to her experiences and feelings. Also, I love how she referenced many of the books and classes that helped her on her spiritual journey. I will definitely read this book again and look forward to her future books.

Jen K.

I cannot put it down. SoulFire teaches us what it truly means to be fully human, with all the fears, joys, mistakes and accomplishments it entails. Read this if your weary soul needs uplifting!

Reading your book has awakened a spiritual longing in my soul that has sadly been dormant for a couple of years. I am very grateful to your writing.

Joanne Aggesen, Brightwaters, New York

She is here now among us…… she has a strength few have…… but beyond that strength is the weakness, the hurt, the insult she has suffered…… few people can lay their story out like this…… few people have a story like this….. the courage to bare all, on the tear-stained pages as she wrote…… and she wrote for her—yes—that she might heal the past (and she has)…. but she wrote for us…. that we would be empowered by her story…… and we are.

Michael Braceland Smith

What a wonderful book!! It’s a vulnerable story of change. I read it in two days. Couldn’t put it down. It has inspired me to go after my dreams and to fully understand the importance of self-love. Soul Fire thank you for sharing your beautiful story. You have forever affected my heart and soul!!!!

Victoria Mohan, Spiritual Seeker

I was in awe of SoulFire’s transparency and authenticity in her book. She discloses intimate details of the seasons of her life which was very courageous. SoulFire’s gift to her readers was a lifetime of spiritual books read, absorbed, and acted upon-written wisdom that has taken most of us years to find.

She gives us a synopsis of her exploring and finding the tools she used to progress which will help support you on your own journey. Through spiritual self inquiry and a willingness to grow beyond her present limitations SoulFire grows closer day by day towards inner and outer peace in her life and invites us to come along. ❤

Linda Shanti Dowd, Yogini

“I absolutely hate to read, but not this time. It made me laugh, cry, and self reflect. For me it wasn’t about the story of your personal travails, it was about learning to live and love yourself. I loved the book and I thank you for your love and support.”

R. Meyn

I am glad to have journeyed with the author and her life story. Her writing is insightful, captivating and contains a truth to it that is relatable.


This book is destined to help multitudes of people find hope and healing as it provides the necessary positive tools to cope with all the peaks and valleys of life. It bears reading multiple times to receive the full benefit of its wisdom. I recommend buying many copies to give to family and friends.

Kathleen Bannon, New York Yogini

“I finished reading your book last night; rereading much of it several times. I am enthralled. Now you have me believing there is hope for me too! I am inspired to brighten everyone’s day, starting with my own. Thank you.”

Davey C.

I’m impressed with your insight and your writing and especially with your will to make miracles happen.

John Potente

This should be read by all experiencing that spiritual awakening we all need!

Ellen Resnick-Tjmos, Reiki Healer, Spiritualist

I read it once, put it down. I was so moved by the personal journey that I picked it up a week later and read it again. I believe that we all are on a journey, a journey to heal ourselves as SoulFire has done. A highly recommended read!

Archie Snowden, Journalist-Connecticut School of Broadcasting

“I picked up your book with the intention of reading a little since I’m a slow reader-62 pages later! You have a beautiful writing style. Thank you for being so vulnerable with your story. It’s healing reading it.”

— M. Taylor

“SoulFire is Inspirational, strong, spiritual and knowledgeable. I am becoming enlightened and motivated by her book: Fearless Freedom Becoming SoulFire. Her workshop, We Got Your Back, can transform your life. SoulFire has so much to offer this world. She is a pleasure to be around.

Lori Anna, Yoga Teacher

“I just want to say that I am truly loving your book! It’s taking me longer than I’d like but only bc of many interruptions in my day to day. I never want to put it down once I start. I relate on so many levels on so many topics that you discuss in the book. I almost feel at moments I’m reading my own story. I’m excited to finish, and I’ll be sure to give you a great review. Everyone should read this book!”

Instagram Follwer

This book is Amazing. I am enjoying it thoroughly. Thank you SoulFire for your wisdom and bravery in sharing your vulnerability and truthful spiritual lessons that can help all of us to grow and enjoy this life. I am almost finished reading this book, I thought, I don’t want it to end. Then I came to the realization this book is actually like yoga it is never really finished, it’s the kind of book you can pick up over and over again to be reminded of spiritual wisdom and strength for your entire life.

“Thank you again SoulFire for being a great example of walking your talk and sharing. Looking forward to book 2.


I’ll preface this review by stating that I do not consider myself someone who was likely to read this book, even though I am an avid reader. Moreover, I had preconceived notions about this book which were shattered when I read it. Thus I consider my perspective significantly unique.

I thought this was a “yoga book.” I began practicing yoga almost 30 years ago to improve my martial arts and to deal with job related stress. However, I never fit the mold of the American yoga community. I’m male, Christian, love America, don’t follow wacky political movements, own guns, and eat meat.

This book transcends all that. It touched me profoundly, mostly because SoulFire is not a cookie-cutter person. She is so much more than a yoga teacher. Her story is amazing and she is a woman of extraordinary talents and sensibilities. Her story is one of hope and promise.

SoulFire made me look to my own experience, and helped me reconcile with my past trauma and pains and focus on my relationship with God. I cannot adequately describe or summarize this book but I can give an honest assessment:
No matter who you are and what you expect, reading this book will impact your life to the core and you will be happier and better for it.
— Eric Mancini

“This book is a real honest tell all about Soulfire’s life lessons thus far. She openly shares her life experiences with the intention to help others know their journey here on earth is no different than anyone else’s. The difference is she is doing just that, courageously sharing! She shares her hard times as well as her victories that have promoted self growth and awareness to become her best self. She bares her soul and the fire within her that continually pushes her forward to experience the unknown of this world that leads her back to answers that are found within herself. She reminds us in this book that no one is better or less than anyone else and that we all have something to learn from each other as well as listening to our own souls-our intuitiveness.

This book is an inspirational story about overcoming agonizing heartbreak and personal loss, and how she has become stronger through it all with a higher sense of self love! She speaks of the many religions and mentors she has gained her spiritual richness from, as well as her personal relationships whether good or bad. This book is filled with quotes from the great spiritual leaders she has studied and how they apply to her and in turn to our lives! I personally loved her unexpected, lighthearted sense of humor that reveals a whole other side of Soul! I have had the pleasure of meeting her and what you see is what you get. She reminds us no one is perfect or will ever be. We are all souls living in a human experience to learn and to love endlessly!
Thank you for sharing all of you!”

In Love!….Cindy

Fearless Freedom

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Fearless Freedom: Becoming SoulFire

(Continued from top)
Fate had it three months later in May, just as I finished the introduction on how I healed my life-long abandonment issue and am finally in a beautiful healthy relationship with my true love, he walked out on me.

Completely devastated. I spiraled down to the darkness… again.

In the garbage went my manuscript, and I began over. It turns out that my book was not going to be the nice easy blog compilation after all, but the vulnerable story of my life. This was the last undertaking I wanted to go on. I was trying to move on from my past, not re-live it. Nevertheless, somewhere in my awareness, I knew it was all happening for a reason.

Fearless Freedom Becoming SoulFire book 1

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I have come to learn that my life story is my teaching. My experiences of abandonment from birth until now have had a powerful purpose: to show others that it is possible, no matter what circumstances you came into the world with, to rise out of it, find your wings and soar. The abandonment, suffering and pain, I chose. I chose it however not to wallow in it, but to experience it, transform it and be a light for others. After all, it is not until we fully know darkness that we can fully know freedom.

After working with different editors, although they were helpful in one regard, I felt like my voice was being diluted and my message disappearing. The joy of writing was gone and feeling disheartened, I almost gave up at one point—then I re-remembered the reason for writing my book in the first place. The whole point of my life is not about fitting into a box, after all, but breaking free, being a trailblazer and forging new energetic pathways. So I decided not to use an editor and keep my book as is: in my voice, uncensored, real and raw. In allowing myself to write my story without worrying about “correct” parameters or trying to conform, I found the fluidity, freedom and truth of my soul’s song. I wrote for me, from the trueness of my heart.

When I started this journey I had no idea how powerful and cathartic it would be. The month turned into nearly two years as I journeyed into the center of my sorrow and my deepest pain. I had to walk away from writing numerous times as the past became alive again, along with the feelings I was trying to avoid. Tears are transformation though. The process of writing my life story healed me as I watched my sorrow turn into joy and my life transform. If no one reads my book, that in itself was worth it.

speaking engagements with soulfireAlthough I finished writing my life story, a creative portal was open for me and I continued to receive inspired messages and continued to write. The quote I have taped on my laptop from a fortune cookie which I need constant reminder of is: “Four basic premises of writing: clarity, brevity, simplicity and humanity. I divided the manuscript into two books since there was so much. Hence, this is book one. Book two will be released shortly, and I’ve come to learn there will be a book three.

This book is multi-dimensional. I share my past but from my soul’s understanding and awakening now; part of the book is present moment realizations as I am writing, and part of the book is told verbatim in a journal format. I have included poems, parables, prayers, quotes, and excerpts from my favorite authors’ books for inspiration as well. I have found that people respond to metaphors as a way of learning; maybe it’s because it bypasses the logical left side of the brain and goes into the intuitive right side of the brain and down into the knowing heart.

The wisdom teachings of my soul, which you may recognize, are underlined and woven throughout the book. My story is not about the suffering or staying stuck in the human drama; rather, transcending it and coming home to the freedom, love and peace that we already are. It’s not about fighting the darkness anymore, it’s about simply choosing the light.

As a little girl I questioned what life was really about, thinking was this all there was to it? You are born, barely get by, work hard, sacrifice your dreams, retire, age, suffer, then die? I questioned all the needless suffering in the world—how one person, for example, could make millions of dollars to play a game with a ball for entertainment while thousands of innocent babies and children died every day from starvation. I didn’t understand religion or God. What I was taught didn’t make sense to me. I was born a seeker of truth and in my awakening I found it. What I have included in my book is what I have learned from my teachers and other enlightened beings, past and present, along with my own personal realizations. There is only one truth, but different interpretations and expressions of it.

fearless freedom book eventsSocrates said, “Learning is remembering.” Universal truth and knowledge is not something that someone just now created, it’s always been there waiting for us to uncover. Benjamin Franklin didn’t invent electricity just as Galileo didn’t invent gravity. They simply discovered it. We are at a point in our evolution as a species that we are discovering that what’s within us, our consciousness, our light, our soul, is the most powerful resource we have and the only thing left we haven’t tried that is going to save the world. Being a devoted student, hungry for healing and understanding on the spiritual path for the last sixteen years has shown me that there is no difference between science, quantum physics, yoga, Universal Law, original religion (before man got a hold of it), spirituality and love. Underlying all of it there is a basic truth- which is what this book is about.

There is a shift happening on the planet. We probably sense it, a stirring, an awakening. People are beginning to question their beliefs, their world view, question many things. There is a desire for less material goods and objects, and for more meaning, fulfillment, kindness, peace in the world and peace in our hearts. We are remembering that we are not separate-even though our bodies might say we are, that the countries and borders of our lands might say we are, but there is another Reality. We are re-remembering we are all brothers and sisters in consciousness, a global family and that all life is interconnected, interrelated, and interdependent, including Gaia, Mother Earth. The divine truth is that we are One-One Spirit, many forms. It’s time to wake up and work together. It is time to be our brother’s and sister’s keeper.

I honor all people wherever they are in their journey as we are all in different phases of our spiritual unfoldment. As you read my book, all I ask of you is to keep an open mind and read with your instinctual awareness and intuitive nature that is always present. Feel the energy between the words and the essence of spirit behind what they are expressing. It can serve as a spark to ignite what you already know deep within. Words are not truth. Truth is eternal. Words are a symbol. As I wrote this book I felt it shifting, changing, and growing as I was evolving along side of it. What may be my truth might just be a seed of awakening for you, like a sunflower drawing darkness from roots to sunlight.

I have infused my healing love into this book, it has been blessed with the most highest of intentions. My hope is that it brings you back to your free heart, wakes you up to the glory, wonderment and truth of who you really are and ignites the fire within your own beautiful soul. You are light, you are love and you are loved.

Ignite Your Soul Fire

Owning her spiritual name, SoulFire is known to be the spark that ignites the fire in one’s soul. Spiritual teacher, yogini, mother, author, pirate, energy healer and awakened being of the new heaven and the new earth, SoulFire lovingly guides and teaches from her own life experience and the myriad of modalities she acquired during her 20 year health and wellness coaching career including: Yoga, Reiki, Qigong, Thai yoga massage, swimming, personal training as well as the Universal Laws of Science and Spirit. She spent the first half of her life lost in the perceived darkness and is now looking forward to the next part of her journey living in the light as an evolving multi-dimensional human sharing her experience with those open and willing to dream awake.


Heal, balance, thrive, be true to you.