SoulFire Awakening

“SoulFire Awakening” is available for pre-order in the Kindle Store.

SoulFire Awakening

Join the author, Soulfire, as she takes you through a journey to ignite your soul’s fire with this empowering, revolutionary and dynamic moving meditation. Birthed from the space of shadow into the reemergence of light, SoulFire Awakening represents the movement to the words of her inspirational memoir: Fearless Freedom Becoming SoulFire. It is a simple yet sacred, powerful and purposeful sequence using special breathing techniques and easy poses that will help you realign, reenergize, refocus, rebalance and reactivate your health and vibration to your divine light body. User-friendly for all ages. Awaken to your divine magnificence and be rooted and free.

Will be released 03/09/2020

SoulFire Awakening is now available for pre-order in the Kindle Store

Ignite Your Soul Fire

Owning her spiritual name, SoulFire is known to be the spark that ignites the fire in one’s soul. Spiritual teacher, yogini, mother, author, pirate, energy healer and awakened being of the new heaven and the new earth, SoulFire lovingly guides and teaches from her own life experience and the myriad of modalities she acquired during her 20 year health and wellness coaching career including: Yoga, Reiki, Qigong, Thai yoga massage, swimming, personal training as well as the Universal Laws of Science and Spirit. She spent the first half of her life lost in the perceived darkness and is now looking forward to the next part of her journey living in the light as an evolving multi-dimensional human sharing her experience with those open and willing to dream awake.


Heal, balance, thrive, be true to you.